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DONGHOON Itech is always provides perfect and prompt service by your side.

  • Business area

    EDR(Endpoint Detection & Response) Solution

    We provide a security solution that detects and analyzes and responds to malicious behaviors occurring in terminals such as enterprise endpoints, mobiles, and services in real time to prevent the spread of damage and block corporate’s information leakage.

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  • Business area

    Cloud Computing Security

    As the cloud spreads across all industries, cloud security has become a necessity, not an option, and in order to maximize the effectiveness of security application, it is necessary to establish a security strategy together with a security expert from the initial introduction stage. DONGHOON Itech provides integrated cloud security services such as construction, operation and monitoring of cloud security solutions based on years of cloud business know-how.

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  • Business area

    IT Network Infrastructure Security

    Network infrastructure security solutions provide secure web access against data leakage and malware threats. It blocks incoming web threats by utilizing the network and provides monitoring and control skills for information leakage that violates internal regulations.

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  • Business area

    OT/ICS Cybersecurity

    As OT/ICS security threats are soaring, not only energy, manufacturing, mining, and transportation, but also national bases are constantly being threatened by cyber terrorism. As the convergence of IT and OT/ICS is rapidly progressing, various security threats are appearing, and DONGHOON Itech provides excellent security solutions to protect and prevent corporates’ assets from these threats.

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  • Introduction cases

    McAfee - Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Solution Implementation Case

    McAfee's Unified Cloud Edge (UCE) integrates Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) products into a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution to provide a comprehensive Provides data and threat protection. To put SASE simply, it can be said that it is an architecture that integrates network and security functions that integrate existing WAN functions and cloud-native security functions.

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  • Introduction cases

    McAfee - A case of building a web security solution for inside the company and for telecommuters (Hybrid configuration through MWG + WGCS)

    We would like to introduce a web security solution for inside the company and for telecommuters using the McAfee Web Gateway (MWG) implementation example.

    For most small branch offices, telecommuters and business travelers, etc., traffic is sent to the main office and then secured by in-house equipment. If all user traffic flows toward the head office, it is necessary to expand the in-house network and security infrastructure, and accordingly, the number of management points increases.

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  • Introduction cases

    SPM (I2SM) and integrated security management system

    1. Integrated security vulnerability management system and SPM (I2SM) mail sending function integration.
    2. Sending vulnerability emails and action guide emails according to the inspection results of SPM.
    3. Notification mail sending function of integrated security vulnerability management system can be used in SPM (I2SM).
    4. Payment function when handling security vulnerability check exceptions by integrating the integrated security vulnerability management system and the payment system of SPM (I2SM).
    5 .SPM(I2SM) and SWIS provide integrated report through DB connection.
    6. Linking SWIS department information and server information with SPM from SPM to server
    7. Automatic assignment of representatives (reduction of management points).

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