Company introduction

DONGHOON Itech pursues customer satisfaction and continuous growth through value creation.

DONGHOON Itech,a subsidiary of DONGHOON Group, has been supporting the optimization of information security and management systems of companies as a full-fledged IT technology service company since its establishment in June 2000.

Corporate name
Jaewook Shin
Established date
June 1, 2000
Main business
Security consulting service, solution construction and security SI
Credit Grade
Company Credit Scoring Grade


Cash Flow Grade


- Financial base date : 31st December 2020

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Under the core value of "The Best Web Security Solution Provider", All employees are working together with the goal of protecting and preventing customer computer networks and systems from various security threats to ensure smooth operation of customer system service. Accordingly, DONGHOON Itech is continuously discovering competitive solutions in the web security and solution service field to provide prompt and safe service to customers and to support their core business competitiveness enhancement.

We are constantly striving to provide quality solutions and technical services by securing the best technical manpower in Korea. We keep in mind that your advice and encouragement are the driving force for our growth and will play a part in providing safe services for IT infrastructure with the spirit of creation, change, and challenge.

Thank you.