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The Best Security Partner

DONGHOON Itech always does its best to protect valuable information assets and advance customers' business by improving the system and network service environment. We will grow together as the best security partner in Korea to realize customer’s satisfaction.

  • System security business
  • Network security business
  • Management solution business
01IT Security solutions
As a premium partner of a leading global security company with high reliability, we provide IT security solutions with excellent performance and stability.
02SW Development
The R&D Center conducts customization and technical training for the smooth domestic establishment of global security solutions.
03Technical Support Service
We are a professional IT company that proposes and builds leading solutions and services in the IT market based on many years of business experience and technology.
04Company management
DONGHOON Itech is a subsidiary of DONGHOON Group in IT sector and has been performing stable business for 21 years since its foundation.