Check out the useful information provided by DONGHOON Itech.

The concept of talent

The door of DONGHOON Itech is always open to those who want to dream and grow together.

We hope for a lot of application from people who are full of enthusiasm and ambition.

  • Upright Talent At DONGHOON Itech, basic virtue is important. Well-mannered and ethical people are always welcome in our company.
  • Active Talent A promise that is just a word is like smoke that disappears immediately. If you are a wonderful person who takes full responsibility for your work, you can grow with DONGHOON Itech.
  • Happy Talent A person who makes other people laugh with a bright and courageous attitude! I hope that you will spread your passion and enthusiasm at DONGHOON Itech.


We have realistic and diverse welfare systems to improve the quality of life for executives and employees.

  • Vacation System
    Annual Paid Holiday
    5 working days a week
    Maternity and Parental leave system
  • Congratulatory and condolence support system
    Expenditure for congratulations and condolences
    Holidays for congratulations and condolences
    Support wreaths, artificial flower, etc.
  • Self-development support system
    Support education cost
    Support for acquiring certificate
  • Medical support
    Medical examination
  • Support for working environment
    Support communication cost
    Dinner expenses for overtime work
  • Benefit of government support system
    Participating “Young Tomorrow” System
  • Congratulatory Gift
    Gift card for birthday
    Gift for national holidays
  • Award System
    A long-term employed person reward
    Award to the outstanding employees
  • Leisure/Cultural Environment
    Encourage clubs in company
    Company track meet
    Offer breakfast(sandwich)
    Partnership with Café
  • Other support system
    4 Major insurances